Astronomical Observation in Montsonís
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Tipus: Course/workshop
Location: Lleida Noguera - Montsonís
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Under the stars

The astronomy MONTSONÍS

Includes : astronomical observation monitors, telescopes and observation devices.

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Montsec Valley and Ager are an area called the "Black Hole of Catalonia" because it is the place with less light pollution throughout the region. This makes it the best place to observe the stars.

At nightfall in Montsonís, and if the sky conditions permit, we can learn to recognize some of the major constellations and guide us with them,  also  can see the planet Saturn and its rings and Mars spectacular if left see.

What we are telescopes and through them discover that in the universe there are brightly colored double stars, star clusters and globular beautiful and gaseous nebulae, and even, delicate and distant galaxies light arrives our eyes after a journey of millions of years.

Learn about the constellations, the stars as they move across the sky, discover what the life of the stars are born, how far they are from each other because they have different colors and what remains when they die. 

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