A trip to the past in English
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Tipus: Activity in english
Location: Lleida Noguera - Montsonís
Prices: from 5,5€
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Learn English by tourism!

Guided tour of one or more of the castles Route "Castles of Lleida: A Journey to the Past" at the hands of an expert guide in English that takes visitors to the premises of the Castle establishing dialogues and deepen the vocabulary, knowing of first hand how they lived, like cooking and eating, like washed clothes, and were protected from the cold ... and be aware of the history of castles and lands that surround them.

The activity can be combined with the discovery, also in English, Secrets of a monastery. Salgar, located close to Montsonís, is at a cave on the spot Engorgs Segre is located just above the road passes through the middle of two mountains, the passage of the river has become a wonderful place.

To complete the day we can offer the option of eating in a local restaurant. This meal can be good to get away and enjoy the cuisine of the land or continue practicing English with meals dynamic, participative and entertaining guided by a teacher.

During the meal, practice English, for example, to: Find an object and explain what it is, Pronunciation / comprehension bingo, I-spy, debates and games ...

Audience that is addressed: Suitable for all ages. Adapts to the level of each group.

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